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Victoria Pellé Reimers


Founder @Intuition Open Source

Victoria Pellé Reimers has been exploring intuition for more than 19 years and has been working on this theme in companies for 10 years.
After business school and a career in retail, a burn-out at the age of 23 led her to change her life and to open up to her particular sensitivity, which had been contained until then. Master practitioner in NLP, hypnotherapist, and Qi Gong practitioner, she has accompanied a private clientele composed of managers, executives, and artists for 15 years. Apm expert since 2012 (150 meetings), Germe speaker since 2015 (50 meetings), she also intervenes in companies in conferences and internal seminars. She also joined a group of researchers from the CNRS (IMéra Marseille) in 2022.

Since 2019, she is exclusively dedicated to her missions on intuition in business.
She has designed and registered a complete method allowing an approach to intuition adapted to the company and its needs. This method includes a typology based on the three forms of intuition present in all organizations, a method to help discern between intuitions and cognitive biases, as well as a self-knowledge tool: the Profil Intuitif Approfondi® (Advanced Intuitive Profile), which she proposes to individuals and teams in order to observe the complementarities in the forms of intuition and to promote a soulfulness in the collective performance.
Her second book Tous intuitifs! was published in October 2020 by Mardaga. In addition, Harvard Business Review published "Intuition" in June 2021, including one of her articles.
She is also the author of the novel La voix qui m'aime (Aluna, 2016)
Website:, Youtube channel Intuition Open Source