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Halle 6 - Ouest

Is another society possible?

Sandrine Roudaut


Perspectivist, Author of essays, futuristic novels, editor @La Mer Salée

Perspectivist, author, speaker, editor.
For 20 years Sandrine Roudaut has been studying and transmitting the keys to the emergence of another world by mixing sociology, history, foresight, neuroscience, philosophy, communication, experiments with SMEs, citizen actions and fiction. She wrote L'utopie mode d'emploi on the brakes to change, the impasse of the "transition", radical inspirations, Les Suspendu(e)s on the disobedient of yesterday and today, submission to authority, and the links between happiness and commitment, Par delà l'androcène with Adelaide Bon and Sandrine Rousseau, to deconstruct the ideology with systemic damage. And a novel of utopian anticipation, Les Déliés, the story of a group of women who turn the world to the light side.
She accompanies the authors of La Mer Salée, a committed publishing house that she co-founded.