Manon Mercier


Impact Product Builder @HEC France - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

I am Manon, a young biped curious about many things on earth 🤸‍♀️
After studying social sciences, I specialized in CSR, in the Promotion of Diversity in companies. Then I was hired as a Product Manager/Product Builder in an association working on equal opportunities, and I became passionate about the Product approach and No-Code tools.
I then started a reconversion process, and I am now Impact Product Builder at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of HEC. My daily job is to put Tech and No-Code at the service of social impact.
As No-Code changed my life, I try to evangelize these tools and make them more accessible.
But I also want to deconstruct the preconceived ideas about No-Code and its so-called diversity by nature. My goal is that these tools participate in making Tech more inclusive and diverse, while remaining critical and realistic about the reality of the facts.