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Is management a job in its own right?

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"Capitalism basterds": an anthropology of responsible capitalism and a world under constraints

Fanny Parise


Anthropologist @Magical Thinking

Fanny Parise is an anthropologist with a doctorate in socio-anthropology. She specializes in consumption and the evolution of lifestyles, and is interested in imaginary and beliefs (industrial animism, responsible capitalism, etc.). She teaches Human and Social Sciences at the Strate School of Design in Lyon, she is also an associate researcher at the Leman Institute of Practical Theology at the University of Lausanne, and Director of Research and Innovation in the ethical digital sector (Le petit lab). She founded the collective Magical Thinking and the podcast Madame l'Anthropologue where she deciphers current events.

Book published in 2022: Les Enfants gâtés. Anthropologie du mythe du capitalisme responsable, published by Payot.