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From ChatGPT to Devana or how to go from "fast-think" to fighting fakenews from GPT4

Barbara Delacroix


CEO @Scriptor Artis

Barbara has a mission: to organize and qualify information.
How can she do this? By mixing human, digital and artificial intelligences.
Her startup is called Scriptor Artis, specialized in the edition of cognitive technologies dedicated to the qualification and organization of information.
It was born from a long experience. 3 masters, 1 PhD, 10 years of teaching... Barbara has learned to handle digital to manage information.
In 2017, her idea to design cutting-edge tools takes the form of a startup. Then, she met her partner in 2019, Marvin Sant, an outstanding CTO, fan of big data and AI.

Today, Barbara is the co-founder of Clavus, a groundbreaking Sovereign Collaborative Suite, and the inventor of, an AI augmented with powerful algorithms that assists with real-time research and document production, with an ethical focus on information qualification.
(She also created T-zar, an open-science campus dedicated to knowledge sharing).

In short, in a world where data increases every 12 hours, Barbara's mission is to transmit the keys to an optimized mastery of information, so that our shared knowledge becomes innovation.
Quite a program!