Thursday - 10:20am - 10:50am
Stereolux - Micro


Antoine de Verneuil

CEO @Strapp

Tech & Nocode - Conference

Tuto No-code : How I launched an iOS/Android mobile app in side project in 2 weeks

Conference in French

**The objective of this talk is to give the keys and best practices to launch a mobile app on iOS and Android in nocode in a few hours of work.
**To do so, I will use the work done for the launch of a side project at Christmas time, the gift list management app "My Gift Ideas", available on iOS and Android. **
**The idea is to present step by step the different steps with the tools to use to save time and the key actions to perform. **

The flow will follow the time path of the mobile app release project:
- Choice of app idea. What is the need for the app? Who is it for?
- Definition of the functional perimeter batch 0
- Choice of the No-code solution to use
- Wireframe - Database structure
- Integration on Adalo
- Creation of test accounts on Google and Apple stores
- Design, brand identity, texts and screenshots of the stores
- Beta testing with a community and iterations
- Final publication!