Ticketing: everything you need to know to buy your pass 🎟

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Every year, the Web2Day team mobilises to offer you affordable rates. Moreover, we take the opportunity to thank all our partners who allow the festival to exist. From the 3-day pass to the student pass, we have thought of everything to remain a festival which is open to all. And you know what? For the 11th edition, we even have a little surprise.


3️⃣Day Pass: the Royal Flush 🔥



With three days of total immersion in the festival, you will not know where to turn. Conferences, workshops, networking, after-work events, nothing can escape you and until the pass runs out, these are always available and waiting for you.



3-day rate: €299




Friendship Pass: generosity pays 👫



Having a 3-day pass is good, offering it at half price is even better. Thanks to the friendship pass, you can bring your employees and your customers along for a unique moment. To do this, you must form a team of 20 people and we’ll take care of the rest: 20 pass (€125.00/pass) + 1 communication kit + 1 invitation for the opening night.  🍾


Pack rate: €2,500



 1️⃣Day Pass: the alternative  🤟🏼


Do you want to experience the crazy adventure of Web2Day but you can’t be present for all 3 days? Don’t worry! Our 1-day passes are available to get inside #digitalspringbreak. They include access to conferences and entrance to the after-work event of the selected day.


Price by day:

␥ Wednesday 5th June: €144

␥ Thursday 6th June: €144

␥ Friday 7th June: €99



Students/Job Seekers Pass: the grail at a low price  🎓



Students and job seekers, we always think of you. This year you will have access to a Talent Space with recruiters and training organisations. Our committment? To give you access to an event which offers you an informal and user-friendly way to network and meet the big names in digital.


🚨For you, job seekers, in order to have a valid proof, you just have to wait until 16th May to buy your pass at the indicated price.


3-day rate: €39






After-Work Pass: better than Wi-Fi for staying connected 🤓


This year, we’re pushing the boundaries. For the first time, the festival will sell tickets for the after-work event of each day. To join us, you will find a physical box office at the entrance of the Village sous les Nefs.

Rate 1 afterwork: €10



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Speakers, partners, animations.. every week, we tell you more about it. 🚀🦄

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