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  • They didn’t imagine the month of June without finding their Nantes digital family and certainly weren’t going to miss 10 years of Web2day. They’re coming back and we are delighted to count them among us.

    It’s with great excitement that we greet our friend Gaël Musquet next June. Last year he brought us a connected Tesla so we’re eager to find out about this year’s design! ?


    Gaël Musquet is the spokesperson for OpenStreetMap France and the president of HAND – Hackers Against Natural Disasters. It helps institutions, NGOs and other communities to cope with issues around collaboration and Open [Source [Hardware | Data]. He also manufactures connected cars.



    Find out more in the interview  at Web2day 2017 and see his latest lecture.?


    Michael Flarup Jensen will also be here. Last year he came with his brother, Mads. This year he’s coming with Mads and his twin brother, an expert in machine learning. For the Jensen’s, Web2day is a real family affair. We can’t wait to hear about the topics for their lectures. ?‍?‍?


    Michael is a Danish designer, entrepreneur and speaker. He heads up Northplay Animation Studio, Northplay, Pixelresort, and Apply Pixels design resource platform.  


    If you want to dive behind the scenes, take a look at the home video they made the first time they were here. We had a lot of fun watching it. ?



    Find the interview of when he appeared last year and his lectures from 2016 and 2017?

    Speaking of whom, Mads Jensen we also happy to see Mads Jensen back again and this time with his twin brother, Mikkel. ?


    Mads is a software engineer with a penchant for automation and programming languages, especially those that are statically typed functional. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen and is currently working as Chief Engineer at  Famly


    Here his lecture from 2017. ?



    Brent Strickland will be one of the 2018 speakers and will lead a panel discussing fake news. ?


    Brent Strickland is an exiled American in Paris who is a cognitive psychology researcher at the Institut Jean Nicod – the National Centre for Scientific Research. His work is at the frontier of cognitive psychology, philosophy and the interaction between man and computer. ?


    Watch his lecture from when he appeared in 2015. ?




    As in previous years, Stephen Des Aulnois will be here on Friday morning at 9.00 a.m. to talk about porn. 


    Launched in March 2010, Stephen Des Aulnois is the founder and chief editor, of Le Tag Parfait website, a porn culture website. Le Tag Parfait is the first French online magazine for porn culture. It aims to break down and understand the consumption of pornographic material on the internet from a cultural, sociological and anthropological perspective. ?


    Find his lectures from 2016 as well as 2017?



    Over the years, Web2day has become a playground for Olivier Ezratty acting as an experimental laboratory for “out of the box” discussions for audiences to enjoy. ?

    Olivier Ezratty, is an innovation strategy advisor, author of a free opinion blog and startup business guide, a regular speaker in the startup ecosystem and also the photographer for the « Quelques femmes du numérique » initiative. He is one of our long-standing regular guest speakers.

    For the past three years, Olivier has been taking scientific subjects, dissecting them, making them easier to understand and presenting them to us by making a connection with entrepreneurial business.


    His previous lectures can be accessed in this article?


    While waiting to tell you a little more about our speakers, we are very happy to announce the appearance of our regulars. 


      To be continued