A one-to-one encounter with Devialet’s co-founder: a highlight of Web2day

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  • When Arnaud Chaigneau de Numa plays the interview game with Quentin Sannié, co-founder of the French gem Devialet, we’re all ears!

    If you like music and/or entrepreneurship, you certainly know about the speaker — Phantom — produced by Devialet. In any case the famous rapper Jay-z knows about them since he uses them and has invested in the company.
    Devialet is one of the greatest French industrial successes of the last ten years. 

    During an intimate interview conducted by Arnaud Chaigneau, in charge of the Numa ecosystem, we had the opportunity to listen to Quentin Sannié – co-founder- telling us about the history of the company and especially the challenges it will face in the years to come.

    A beautiful testimony from the entrepreneur, transparent and touching, certainly one of the most outstanding moments of Web2day. ♥️

    “To be an entrepreneur is to choose challenging areas to explore, which makes our lives exciting and we therefore have to make difficult choices.” Quentin Sannié

    In 2006, Quentin Sannié was already an entrepreneur when he met Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, who told him about a hybrid amplifier he had invented. Quentin Sannié became overwhelmed by incredible emotion: music is his passion and it was the project he had been waiting for. 

    “I wagered on the emotional power of our product.” Quentin Sannié

    In 2007, the company was established and, after a great deal of Research & Development, the very first finished product was released in 2010. An exceptional product requires exceptional dynamics at all levels.  ?

    Devialet’s intention is not to confine itself to a particular target. Even if, for the moment, they are firmly within the luxury sector, they are attempting to become more democratic by gradually expanding their range.

    How do you finance such an ambitious project at the outset? How do you market this product? How do you create a brand? How do you produce it commercially without sacrificing quality? The unicorn must face many challenges.  ?

    Did you miss that significant moment? Don’t panic, Patrick! The conference video is available to replay

    Did you miss that significant moment? Don’t panic, Patrick! The conference video is available to replay ???