Vincent Roux


CEO @(goud)

Entrepreneur from the start, and computer enthusiast, Vincent Roux created his digital marketing company during his Master's degree in business school by becoming the first incubated at Audencia in 2002, at the age of 25. This company, Intuiti, has 50 employees and works for large international companies on the digitalization of their business.
At the same time, he became involved in associative initiatives to contribute to the dynamism of the Nantes region and to support the local eco-system. First of all, he is an administrator and a member of the board of La Cantine, which gathers all the digital companies in Nantes. He also participates in the elaboration of the Design In Pays de la Loire movement in collaboration with the schools of the territory and the Pays de la Loire Region to promote Design in companies and help solve the problems of our time.

After many trips to San Francisco where he discovered the arcana of the startup world and in particular those that aspire to change the world, he became aware of the challenges facing our society, particularly in terms of altruism and the environment.
Married with 3 children, he decided in 2016 to sell Intuiti to find the adrenaline of entrepreneurship and add meaning to his commitment.
In collaboration with Groupe IDEA and its founder Bruno Hug de Larauze, he created Fifty Truck, an artificial intelligence solution that aims to improve truck routes and fill rates to reduce the 50% of empty miles on our roads, and therefore unnecessary CO2 emissions.
This company will be resold in 2018 to the National Freight Exchange to procure the service on a larger scale more quickly.

Always with the aim of participating in the dynamism of the territory and giving back to others what he feels was given to him, he joins the Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique to quickly become an administrator, then President from 2019 to 2022. This will be the opportunity for him to have the association vote the exclusive support of impact projects by 2025.
At the same time, he co-founded the Imagination Machine startup studio with three local entrepreneurs, including Julien Hervouet, founder of iAdvize, and Rob Spiro, founder of a Californian startup. This startup studio gave birth to startups such as Mini Mondes, Beem, Vite mon Marché and Jho.
More anecdotally, Vincent is taken of a blow of blood during the resignation of Nicolas Hulot from the Macron Government, and initiates the March for the Climate of Nantes in late August 2018, which will join the axis of the national movement with a group of environmental activists, which he will eventually leave because too politicized for his taste...

At the end of these 3 successful entrepreneurial experiences, whose activities continue to live on, and still committed to the eco-system of the territory, he joins Dominique, Jean-Baptiste and Alice to participate in the construction of the Ocode project and begins a 4th adventure at age 42 in 2019. The project carried by Ocode is a new way to contribute to the progress of our society by striving to promote the emergence of a healthy community of mutual aid and protection against the threats of cheaters, individuals or corporations, who abuse our trust carried by the over-digitization of our society.

With this adventure well on its way to becoming a great success, Vincent decided to leave the operations to carry out a project that has been close to his heart for many years: creating a Private Sport-Health Club to help executives be and remain in the best physical and mental conditions by providing them with a medical-sports staff, just like a high-level athlete. (goud) was created in January 2023