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Are mobile apps making us sick?

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Tech for mental health

Méghane Barriol-Blondet


Psychologist Psychotherapist

Méghane Barriol-Blondet is a psychologist, psychotherapist and cyberpsychologist. With many years of experience in hospitals and associations, she specializes in the child and adolescent clinic, as well as the women's clinic and perinatal care.

A connected psychologist, she takes a clinical look at the effects of the virtual and new technologies on man, in his relationship to himself and to others. She is part of this generation of psychologists who think and propose video games as therapeutic mediation.

She holds a diploma in Cyberpsychology from the University of Paris founded by Serge Tisseron and Frédéric Tordo, and is an active member of the EF3C, the French School of Cyberpsychology and Clinical Cyberpsychology. This school aims to train health professionals in the practice of cyberpsychotherapy.