Thursday - 4:15pm - 5:05pm
Halle 6 - Ouest

The Chronicles of Ordinary Sexism

Marine-Petroline Soichot


Podcaster - Speaker @Les Chroniques du Sexisme Ordinaire

Marine-Petroline is a five-legged sheep.

Daughter of a teacher and a good student, she was launched on the rails: normal sup, agrégation, thesis. But she branched out from the hard sciences to the soft sciences, from academic research to business, via museums and even a sailing club.

In the course of her wanderings, she became a feminist. But despite her convictions and her big mouth, sometimes she lacks repartee. She needed simple and striking stories, to show that no, equality is not there yet. Because if the devil is in the details, so is the patriarchy.

So she created the Chronicles of Ordinary Sexism, a podcast and a conference-show to flush out sexism in the smallest corners.

She also spends time cleaning up the mess at small businesses and associations.