Wednesday - 4:15pm - 4:45pm

DevOps x NoCode open source, an approach to maintain control of your IS

Kim-David Nguyen


Manager / trainer @Breizh e-nov

Hi 👋, I'm Kim-David!

After 15 years spent exploring IT engineering from several angles (development, operations/run, cloud, devops), I came across no-code.

What is NoCode? Well, it's the promise of being able to create software without having to know how to code 🙌🏻.

Since then, I combine DevOps and NoCode at Breizh-e-nov, where we train people to become citizen developers: we equip them with NoCode skills and IT project methodology to help them propel their business towards unexplored horizons!

Come with us to drive the loco 🚂 rather than waiting to snatch the last car 🚃!