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DesignOps: how to facilitate and industrialize Design to serve the human and strategic challenges of organizations

Adrien Dubuisson


Regional Marketing Manager @Figma

Adrien Dubuisson is an author photographer and a member of the Compagnie des Reporters Indépendants since 2013. He articulates his activity as an image taker between the corporate world, studio experimentation and great landscapes from which he draws parallels with his other activity as a marketer.

His favorite field of practice is the Himalayas, a region he has surveyed three times for a total of eight months, in contact with the multiple cultures that inhabit these mountains: Ladakhis, Sherpas, Kashmiris, Tibetans, Nepalese.

A marketing specialist who has worked in consulting firms and communication agencies, Adrien now has the pleasure of leading the French design community for Figma. In 2017, he completed his professional training at Gobelins - École de l'image and at ENS Louis-Lumière to study image processing and the art of story-telling.