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Schools may teach many different things, but they all have one goal in common: to nurture tomorrow’s best and brightest. That may be common knowledge. But what you might not know is that we have a special area for schools, recruiters and bright candidates at our event: the Web2day Talent Space.


What is the Talent Space, and what does it offer your institution?


When dreaming up the Talent Space, we had to consider what schools need to do to succeed. We decided that your success relies on three key factors:

– Attracting bright prospects
– Teaching them the skills that employers want
– Helping them to get on the career ladder.


The Talent Space was designed to help you, as educators, achieve these goals.


So, what exactly is the Talent Space? Well, it’s a 125m² area dedicated to schools, recruiters and candidates, located right in the heart of the Web2day village. But that’s not all!


Our Talent Space package for schools includes:


  • A dedicated stand for your school in our Talent Space (which will be yours to use for the duration of the festival (3 days) which you can use to promote your courses (e.g. lifelong learning, conversion courses etc.)
  • 15 one-day passes to Web2day for your school’s representatives and students to staff your stand + 1 invitation to the festival’s opening evening.
  • The ability to create a dedicated Doyoubuzz CV database for your school, which will allow your students to submit applications to recruiters.
  • Preferential networking opportunities for your students with recruiters at the event.
  • Visibility of your school to 7000 Web2day visitors
  • Your logo on your stand, as well as on the website (on the Talent, Web2day Village + Partners webpages).
  • Use of a special communications kit during the event, which will help your students and associates make the most of this 3-day digital spring break!

* Plus, a special rate for additional event passes (€39pp per day)


Find out more about the Talent Space Sponsors’ pack (or contact for more details.)


If you are currently looking for work, take a look at our dedicated article on candidates.


New to Web2day? Here’s a brief overview of what it’s all about: