Imagination Machine is waiting for you at Web2day 10th edition

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  • Imagination Machine is a true company builder which supports entrepreneurs in developing, launching and financing their start up businesses. It operates under the direction of Rob Spiro and in close collaboration with a network of mentors and investors. 

    Why should you sponsor Web2day? 

    Our home ground is Nantes and its ecosystem. Web2day for us is “THE” event for digital players to meet up from both France and around the world. This is what Imagination Machine is all about. Every day we meet up with the entire troop which creates an insane energy making this event one of the most important ones in France. We are particularly attached to Web2Day as it was during the previous event that our Imagination Machine adventure began. So how could we not support this fabulous festival?

    Have you got a few words for those attending the festival?

    A few words? Ok, stand no.14!
    We’re waiting for you with lovely big smiles and our even more lovely start-ups for you to meet! During the 3 days of the festival you’ll be able to meet up with the Imagination Machine team and chat with these bright young things!

    What does the event offer?

    These three days are an opportunity for us to present the Imagination Machine project and promote our start up businesses! Most importantly it will be 72 hours of non stop opportunities to get together and chat accompanied with a little muscadet!

    What’s your latest news?

    We’re launching our 3rd recruitment drive. Join us and have fun!