Web2day Digital Springbreak

June 5•6•7 2019 Nantes - Stéréolux


Talks, Networking & Parties (with LOVE inside)

Web2day is a three-day festival dedicated to tomorrow’s technology – and to the people who are making it happen. The event is a break from the daily grind – a chance for all of us to meet new people, discuss new ideas, and marvel at the possibilities and challenges of a future dominated by tech. Our speakers programme is thought-provoking and informative, and seeks to help each of us understand the roles we play as actors in the world of tech.

We aren’t afraid of challenging business innovation models with new ideas. We want individuals to know where they stand, and to understand the power that they have to make their mark on the world.

Professionals and tech enthusiasts alike are welcome to share the floor, all in pursuit of the answer to one question: can we forge a digital utopia ?

Festival figures

7000 Visitors

Startups, employees, project leaders, corporates, students, journalists or investors,...

200 Conferences

This year the festival will develop six themes : Market, Tech, Entrepreneurship, Society, Work, Design,...

250 Speakers

We're giving the floor to people of great talent who will come from all over to share their differents points of view.

31 887 712 Twitter impressions

With those numbers, Web2day isn't social media small fry.

46 700 Twitter engagements


Coding? Child’s Play!

During this 10th edition of Web2day, we welcomed Amélia Matar & Aurélie Jean. They gave a presentation about the learning of coding.

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Let the right people find your business at Web2day

It’s no secret that digital firms are struggling to find good talent, especially when it comes to anything techy. It seems like good candidates are harder and harder to find at a time when...

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Schools & colleges: show off the power of your courses and your students

Schools may teach many different things, but they all have one goal in common: to nurture tomorrow’s best and brightest. That may be common knowledge. But what you might not know is that we...

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Reach Festival-Goers direcly by sponsoring Web2day festival freebies!

Looking for a way for your brand to reach 8000 movers and shakers at our festival? Why not sponsor Web2day festival freebies?   Whether you’re already a festival partner with a stand on...

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