Getty Images, faithful partner of the Web2day ??

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  • Getty Images is the global leader in visual communications. The business creates, distributes and licenses award-winning images, royalty-free images, creative images with rights management, news photos, videos, music and multimedia products. We do this via a variety of brands including iStock and Thinkstock.

    Why do you sponsor Web2Day?

    As a creative partner in visual content for all businesses, Getty Images’s core business involves dealing with all stakeholders across the worlds of the internet and digital innovation, particularly those who are in attendance at Web2day, with which we are partnering for the fifth consecutive year.

    What are your expectations of the event?

    To meet people! We work with all kinds of businesses, agencies, and media partners. What could be better than an event like Web2day to meet people, understand the challenges they face, and see the visual and technological solutions that we can bring to the table on a day-to-day basis.

    What is your latest news?

    Each year, we publish our visual trends report, which is derived from all the data we hold: nearly a billion requests per year and over 400 million downloads (of images and video content), combined with the expertise of our team of image curators. See the results of this comprehensive work for yourself at our conference speech, on Wednesday 13 June at 6.20 p.m. in the Maxi Hall.

    On the service front, we know that our clients sometimes have their own, unique needs and we are now offering a bespoke visual content service, which is fully customised by drawing on the services of 220,000 Getty Images contributors worldwide while ensuring that our clients can meet their budgetary goals. Intrigued? Meet our experts at Web2day to get more details our visit our website.