Focus on Ghada Wali, the engaged artist

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  • Ghada is the first speaker to say yes to us. So we wanted to mark the occasion and tell you a bit more about her because we’re very proud and grateful – as we are with all our speakers, of course – to have her with us in June. 

    At only 28 years of age and originally from Egypt, Ghada Wali is an artist, designer and graphic designer, whose aim is to revolutionise the world with her creations which are inspired by Arab and Egyptian culture.

    After studying design at the European Institute of Design in Florence, Italy, Ghada Wali continued her professional career and managed to find a place in the field.

    Her outstanding projects have put her among the top 100 graphic designers at the Society of Typographic Arts Chicago.


    “Before an Arab woman can have the chance to be recognised globally, in a world dominated by men and westerners, I’m sure there were a million other women who weren’t able to achieve a mass public.”

    Not only is Ghada Wali proud to reflect her identity as an Egyptian and as a woman in her work, but she’s also an advocate for connecting history to a rapidly-changing future through the use of design. Her defining feature? Speaking up through her engaged creations to denounce societal issues.

    At less than 30 years old, this woman is triumphing with numerous awards (the Granshan competition in Munich, two Adobe Design Achievement awards in San Diego, the Women in Design Award in Milan).




    You could say that 2017 was her year because she became the first Egyptian woman to appear in Forbes Europe’s Arts & Immigrants category..

    Her progressive approach is reflected in her works and, for the first time in Egyptian history, it allowed her to receive a reward in the field of graphic design and visual communication.




    The personality and genius of this artist have made her one of the 50 most influential Egyptian women of 2017.

    So we will be very happy and excited to meet her at Web2day 2018!!  ?