Thursday - 09:00 am - 09:40 am
Halle 6 - Ouest


Flavie Prévot

Founder @Podcast Fleet I Podcast The Board

Marie Robin

Founder @Fleet Collective

Future of work - Round table

Working in 2033

Conference in French

Metavers, artificial intelligence, augmented reality... technologies that seemed like science fiction yesterday are already invading our companies and radically accelerating their transformation.
How will these technologies change the way we work?
How can we use them to recreate meaning and connection in a post-pandemic world that is fractured and disenchanted, where the value of work is under attack?
How can we prepare for these transformations as a company? What skills should we develop to remain desirable as a talent?
Is the future of work that is taking shape desirable and sustainable?
Flavie Prévot (former CEO and freelancing specialist) and Marie Robin (Web3 specialist) will present a series of inspirations and case studies that can be used today to prepare you for the work revolution of the next decade.