Friday - 3:10pm - 3:55pm
Halle 6 - Ouest


Cyrielle Istin

CTO - Editor @Malheurs Actuels

Andrea Capus

Assistant Editor @Malheurs Actuels

Hélène Martinelli

Comedian @Gnews

Margaux Magis

Content creator @Gnews

Guillem Salles Turrel

Ghostwriter LinkedIn hired @Can Salles

Media - Round Table

Treating eco-anxiety by doing sit-ups: humor as a lever for ecological awareness

Conference in French

Discover this adventure from the inside!

How did we manage to gather respectively more than 43,000 subscribers for Gnews (number of inhabitants in Angoulême) and 48,000 for Malheurs Actuels (number of inhabitants in Bayonne) in less than a year?

After months of content creation and experimentation, we propose to give you a feedback during a round table.

For the first time ever! With a strong message:
We are deeply convinced that humor is a lever for awareness and engagement, able to touch people.

🔎 Zoom on Gnews
Satirical media created by Hélène Martinelli and Margaux Magis in May 2022.
The objective of GNews is to talk with humor about the media treatment of ecological news. Our concept is inspired by the movie Don't Look Up. We take what we hear on the different news channels, and interview people from this caricatural angle.
Margaux is the director, she works in communication and the creation of engaged contents for various associative campaigns.
Hélène is the actress who plays the role of the journalist, she is an actress and also a singer-songwriter with her musical project.

🎯 Focus on Malheurs Actuels
Collective that has become an association gathering a dozen of joyful and voluntary people all over France. A few months ago, in August 2022, they did not know each other.
During a suffocating summer, they created a Discord, a Notion.
They started by writing a short message. Then two. Then three. Then articles, memes, fake covers or advert detour. Their recipe: a little sweat, a few tears (of laughter) and a lot of love (in all honor). The contents are spread on several social networks in order to reach a maximum of people.