Friday - 10:35am - 11:20am


Maxime Thoonsen

CTO @Theodo

Tech & Nocode - Conference

Feedback on the creation of a custom ChatBot with GPT3 and LangChain

Conference in French

The latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence with ChatGpt and other LLMs are opening a new era that will lead to a massive adoption of AI in our daily lives. Products and tech architectures will be redesigned to improve user experiences.

ChatGPT can answer questions that require general public information such as the date of birth of Thomas Pesquet. It is also possible to build a system where GPT can answer private questions. An example of a possible new search for an ecommerce site: "I'm looking for a shirt for a woman with green eyes to go with red pants for this summer at less than 100 euros".

This talk will be in 4 parts:
1. The basics to understand the main principles of how a technical stack works with GPT (with a dash of math)
2. The advantages of LangChain as a framework to focus on the business
3. A feedback and demo on a smart Chatbot with OpenAI and LangChain
4. Tips for starting your own project with OpenAI
This talk is for techies who want to try OpenAI but also for people on the business side.