Thursday - 11:50am - 12:30pm


Pierre Seillier

Head of Marketing France @Agorapulse

Marketing & Communication - Conference

Social networks & ROI: 5 tips to boost your sales 2023

Conference in French

As we know, "likes" and "shares" do not pay the bills.
So how do you prove that social networks bring value to your company?
During this conference, we share 5 tips to make the ROI of your social networks, the best ally of your business.
On the agenda:
- ROI of social networks: What are we talking about?
- What is the interest in calculating the ROI of its social networks for agencies or brands?
- Why, in 2023, the ROI becomes strategic?
- How to easily calculate the ROI of your social networks?
Content scheduling, monitoring, reporting, ROI calculation, Agorapulse allows teams to manage all their social networks (including TikTok) from a single platform.