Thursday - 4:25pm - 4:55pm
Stereolux - Maxi


Victoire Aubonnet

Head of Strategy & Operations @Gens de Confiance

Entrepreneurship - Conference

To finish with the Raison d'Etre

Conference in French

The reasons for being of companies should inspire us.
But they are hammering us with empty catchwords: transition, sustainable development, leadership, inclusion...
As a result, customers and employees feel a dissonance between corporate messages and their daily lives.
A missed opportunity.
At Gens de Confiance, we have narrowly avoided this pitfall. We, too, first looked for an "aspirational" reason for being, our in-house "bullshit".
Then we backed off to create a unique, singular and profound reason for being.
More demanding and less sexy, we sought to transform our reason for being into a reason for action in order to... take action.
In this conference, we will distinguish between "good" and "bad" reasons for being and share keys to move from reason for being to reason for action.