Wednesday - 3:35pm - 4:10pm


Louise Loisel

Tech Lead @Theodo

Tech & Nocode - Conference

Tools to measure the environmental impact of a web app: avoid green-scamming

Conference in French

Today, 4% of global GHG emissions are due to digital technology. According to estimates, these emissions could even increase by 60% by 2040.

However, when it comes to choosing a measurement tool, you are faced with too many tools, whose results fluctuate greatly.

By understanding how environmental impact measurement tools work, you will understand the challenges of digital responsibility. Thus, you will be able to make the best decisions to reduce the ecological footprint of web applications. I will accompany you in this deciphering!

This session will cover :
- The basics of environmental assessment
- Why carbon equivalence is the most widely adopted metric
- The models of environmental assessment in the context of a web application
- The methodologies used to calculate a carbon impact per visit, and the tools available
- Limitations of current methodologies