Friday - 11:25am - 11:55am


Benoit-Marie Flach

CEO & Co-founder @Ksaar

Tech & Nocode - Conference

- ⚠️ CANCELLED CONFERENCE ⚠️ - Can no-code be legally considered as code? (no bullshit)

Conference in French

We regret to announce the cancellation of this conference. 😕
Thank you for your understanding.


Benoit-Marie Flach is the co-founder of Ksaar, a French No-Code editor that enables the creation of multi-interface, multi-role interactive applications. The company has undergone an audit to verify the security of the potentially sensitive data it hosts.
[#Spoileralert]( did you know that No-Code tools are now legally considered as a programming language?
Benoit-Marie will tell you, in no uncertain terms, what he discovered during this audit, the surprises, both good and bad, the inconsistencies, and the impact on himself and his customers.