Friday - 2:35pm - 3:05pm
Stereolux - Micro


Déborah Guyard

Development Engineer @Norsys

Marketing & Communication - Conference

The positive alt-itude! An inclusion tool for your accessibility

Conference in French

Accessibility is a vast subject, there are many tools and means to make the web and social networks more accessible to all, and there is one that is applicable to all at many levels: the alternative image description, the "alts".
In this conference, I explain what it is used for, but also and especially how it is used effectively to improve inclusion for people with visual impairments,
The objective is that at the end of this initiation, we have an idea of what to include in these alternative image descriptions according to the context, what is relevant to do (or not), and why it is important.

This conference is for everyone, because not only developers use images and have access to this tool.