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Principal Developer Advocate @div RIOTS

Tech & Nocode - Conférence

Always Bet on Web Standards

Conférence en Français

Back in 1995, JavaScript was born at Netscape headquarters and brought with it the promise of dynamic pages right in the browser. A year before, CSS reached its first version, giving the Web a way to style and design information. With HTML, they’re the cornerstones of what will become 10 years later a new generation of Virtual Machines: the Web Platform.
Fast forward almost 30 years to the present day, modern desktop and mobile apps are still largely powered by those very technologies. But as powerful as they are, the HTML/CSS/JS trinity is too low-level to be handy enough in a modern Developer Toolkit on a daily basis.
Let’s cover the large field of technologies and patterns helping you to build advanced (web) apps: Reactive Frameworks, Web Components, Typed Languages, Isomorphic codebases, WebAssembly, SSR/SSG Web Servers, Web APIs, Design Systems, Packages distribution… Never heard of any nor all of them? No worries, here’s the talk to rule them all!