As Web2Day turns 10, the network of Villages by CA is celebrating its 4th birthday ?

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  • Already set up in Vannes, Nantes and Angers, it will soon spread to Laval, Le Mans and Vendée. Villages by CA is committed to the local economy and aims to put start up businesses in contact with their customers to develop strong partnerships for growth.

    Villages by CA supports start-ups in growing their business on a daily basis and helping them to overcome challenges in order to make the biggest impact on the economy. By relying on local partners, the Villages are building ecosystems to enable start-ups to achieve their goals more rapidly and more sustainably.

    With 22 start-ups developing in Nantes, 11 in Vannes and 8 in Angers, Villages by CA are working with more and more start-up businesses. Their goal is to find tiny start-ups that will make a real impact and be able to change society in a positive way, both on an economical and social level.

    Start up companies on a mission to change society for the better!

    The Vannes, Nantes and Angers Villages by CA have already connected with several companies with strong potential:

    • In Nantes, it’s the devastating robot (E.S.T) that evaluates the sediments it recovers. This biodiversity-friendly extraction solution also emits the equivalent to between 10 and 100 times less co2 than existing extraction processes.

      In Angers, Ludhealth makes it a priority to stop people both young and old from being too sedentary. It does this through its development and a strong sense of commitment. Its Qoos equipment is enabling the company to offer a new sports-health experience for the end of 2018 for the patients and health professionals it supports.

      In Vannes, the start-up business, Medaviz offers a first level of medical service to overcome medical deserts and overcrowded waiting rooms. This is a dial-up phone service that allows you to call a doctor of your choice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and get an instant answer to all your everyday health questions.

    To develop the Villages by CA for Laval, Le Mans and Atlantic Vendée, they are looking for start-ups located in these areas that they can support in growing their businesses and are keen to hear their proposals. To meet up with the team at the Villages by CA for the West make an appointment on their stand!