Jump on the band-Wagon !

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  • Le Wagon is a coding school founded in 2013 in Paris and established in Nantes since 2016. The mission of Le Wagon is to bring technical skills and knowledge to creative minds.
    In concrete terms, Le Wagon is a boot camp, and accelerated web development training programme.
    Nine weeks of training that give you the opportunity to build the prototype of any idea you have in mind.

    Why do you sponsor Web2day?

    Web2day is Nantes’ digital showcase.
    The Nantes ecosystem welcomes talents from all over the world for three days of creative friction.

    For me, Web2day was a gateway into the digital world when I arrived in Nantes.
    Now that Le Wagon is part of the ecosystem, it seemed natural to me to become a host in my turn to keep on playing the Nantes game.

    Do you have a word for the festival goers?

    The Le Wagon alumni are in the building, now is the time to meet them!

    What do you expect from the event?

    Three days of wonderful meetings:

    – discovering what drives our new candidates
    – meeting companies that seek to train their employees in other ways
    – building new bridges with schools that need to teach technology

    What is your latest news?

    Registration for the next 2 two boot camps is open:
    – summer from 2/07 to 31/08
    – autumn from 15/09 to 14/12

    And there are always workshops and talks to explore on our meetup page.